Welcome to Southwest Wellness- PRIORITY ACCESS


To provide you with the best health care, it is important for your provider to understand: your family medical & mental health history, living situation, relationship status, and any behavior that will have an impact on your health. Be ready to list any medication, including over the counter meds & vitamins/ nutrients, and doses that you are taking. You will also be asked about allergies to any medications. In addition, we will need the names and contact information of any other physicians you have seen to better coordinate your care.


Please provide the registration admin with your current contact information- address, telephone numbers, email address, and emergency contact name, relationship, and phone number.

Please remember to bring your health insurance card and pharmacy coverage information. This information will be verified at each visit.

If your insurance requires a co pay, it will be due at this time.


Monday through Friday 8am-6pm 469-893-1240
Saturday 8am- 12noon
Evenings by appointment


Your provider can be contacted online through our website at www.southwest-wellness.com. You will need to sign up for access to the PATIENT PORTAL. Instructions can be found online and in your orientation packet on how to set up access. Through PATIENT PORTAL, you can: ask a doctor questions, ask a MA questions, and request medical records, request prescription refills, request a referral, request preauthorization, and even conduct virtual visits (available soon).


Use the PATIENT PORTAL to ask questions or call the office and the on call doctor will return your call in a timely manner.


Same day appointments are available for your convenience. Please contact the office before noon to confirm availability.

Walk in appointments are available daily at 8am and a t 4pm. The first five walk- ins will be seen. Walk in visits are reserved for acute non urgent symptoms that are not related to chronic care conditions. Examples: upper respiratory symptoms, cough, cold, sinus, congestion, earache, headache, sore throat, pink eye, stys, skin issues, urinary tract or bladder infections, fever, pain, etc…

If you need a prescription refill on maintenance medication, and you have not been seen in the office for a chronic care appointment in the past 3-6 months, a routine chronic care appointment will need to be scheduled.

Chronic care routine visit- We use evidence based practices in managing your care. It is important that you keep all routine appointments and follow the action plan and goals set by your physician to ensure optimum results.